first release for Spanish Abysoma Records

Abysoma Records is a new independent electronica music label based in Madrid, Spain.
Their musical focus: downtempo, ambient, chill, electro…

  • Luis Junior – Neibum [ABY 001 CD]
    Release date: 3rd November 2003

    “Neibum” is the first release by Abysoma Records, and the second album by Luis Junior, after his previous album “Atalsina”. “Neibum” is an avant-garde chillout project, with influences such as downtempo and ambient, plenty of shades in the rhythm and melodies…

    Luis Junior has worked with vocals in different languages for the 13 tracks included in this project. “Nobody” featuring Kiva, Czech singer and model. “Atmosph?re” featuring Caroline Poupon, Paris – France. “Un Viaggiatore” featuring Eugenia Pannaria, Italy. “Luminis” featuring Flufla, Madrid – Spain.