first releases from Attack Records

A new label has emerged, called Attack Records. Their first releases feature a strange mixture of artists, from Nancy Sinatra to the New York Dolls and from Damien Dempsey to Jobriath. For some reason various of the new releases have a connection with Morrissey.

New Album Out Now – features contributions from Morrissey (Nancy covers Moz’s “Let Me Kiss You” and he helps out on backing vocals), Jon Spencer, Thurston Moore, Calexico, Pete Yorn, Stevie Van Zandt, Jarvis Cocker and Bono and The Edge

Featured on Morrissey’s 2004 U.S. tour
“The songs are true and his is the best and often saddest voice of this generation” – Morrissey

NEW YORK DOLLS – The Return of the New York Dolls Live From Royal Festival Hall, 2004
CD Out Now – DVD Out November 9
DVD Extras include backstage interviews, extra tracks and a tribute to the late great Arthur “Killer” Kane

JOBRIATH – Lonely Planet Boy
CD Out October 26
The first-ever compilation from THE glam rock hero!
Features an unreleased bonus track and liner notes by Morrissey

REMMA “Worry Young”
“Worry Young” is the debut single from this Morrissey-discovered young Irish band. Remma’s distinctive brand of “lilt rock” makes their songs instantly memorable.

JAMES MAKER “Born That Way”
James Maker’s “Born That Way” single is a Fall-meets-glam rock stomper!

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