Flammenzauber 5: complete programme

1th & 2th April 2005: Flammenzauber 5
Location: Wasserburg Heldrungen (Thuringia, Germany)
Presented by Zinnober.net and Lichttaufe.com.
Festival on two days with:

Agnivolok (Israel) Avantgarde-Folk
Blood Axis (USA) Cult band with Michael Moynihan, Annabel Lee & Robert Ferbrache (16 Horsepower!) and more
The Lindbergh Baby (USA) Strange-Country, like 16 Horsepower, with Annabel Lee, Michael Moynihan & Scott Broderick – A short session.
Coph Nia (Sweden) Dark-Ambient / Cold Meat Industry
Flores de Fyer (Europe) Apocalyptic-Pop
Sturmpercht (Austria) Alpine (Neo)Folkmusic
Triarii (Germany) Military-Pop

Disco on both days with:
Project -Hirn.Holz- (www.Lichtreigen.de)
Exhibitions on both days with Werner Sus (Germany), Michael Wollenheit (Germany) and Vera Agnivolok (Israel).
Readings (Saturday) with Barbara Rossa (Germany) and Avi Pitchon (Israel).
Special Cultural Tour, Medieval banquet, Thomas M?nzer Monumental, great Music-Market and many more…