Fremdheit: releases Verdandi & Fire + Ice

Two new releases this spring on Fremdheit: The North Country by Verdandi, with guest appearances by Ian Read (Fire+Ice), Annabel Lee (Blood Axis) and others. Furthermore a reissue of the classic Fire + Ice album Hollow Ways. Both cd’s are distributed by Tesco Germany.

Verdandi – The North Country (Fremd CD 94)
The North Country derives much inspiration from the mythology and traditions of the past, including original and traditional material. Acoustic and ambient soundscapes converge forming a background for Karlsdottir’s haunting and melodic lyrics. With guest appearances by Ian Read (Fire+Ice), Annabel Lee (Blood Axis), Jim Chisholm, Spike the Percussionist, and Johnathan Kramm.

Mp3 samples:
the daughters of ran | freyja dark and bright | weland worked long | lullay | wolf in the sky

Fire + Ice – Hollow Ways (Fremd CD 211)
Hollow Ways is Ian Read’s musical and lyrical take on the mysteries which hide under and within Northern Europe’s often dark and certainly intriguing history and even present day (if one knows how and where to look). There will be those who find clues to ancient practices here also. Musicians include Mouse, Simon Norris and Joolie Woods.

Mp3 samples: militia templi | seeker | the old grey widowmaker | huldra´s maze | the rising of the moon