Frozen Autumn: new album + reissues

Pandaimonium Records and Xymox Control announce the signing of Italy’s The Frozen Autumn. The new album “Is Anybody There?” is already recorded and will be released in the fall of 2005. Stylistically it moves between “Emotional Screening Device” and “Pale Awakening”, but on the other hand “we feel it constitutes an absolutely new chapter in our artistic evolution”.
The album will also include remixes of their songs “Ashes” by Clan Of Xymox’ Ronny Moorings and “Polar Plateau” by Dust Of Basement. Between winter 2005 and spring 2006, the three previous Frozen Autumn albums, as well as side-project Static Movement’s “Visionary Landscapes”, will also be re-released by Pandaimonium/Xymox Control.