Genetic Variation

Forthcoming release from Cyberdelia Records from Greece:

  • Genetic Variation – ?Reset Your Imagination? (end of April)

    Genetic Variation were formed during 2001 in Athens ? Greece by two members, Morrigan De Veil and Aram.
    During 2003, Aram leaved Morrigan De Veil alone, to continue mixing dreamy soundscapes with aggressive beats. Soon after that, Genetic Variation signed a contract to Cyberdelia Records
    In a few months, ?Reset Your Imagination? is ready to be the first Genetic Variation album.

    ?Reset Your Imagination? is an EBM album, having every note flirting with melancholy. Melodies and wild rhythms are getting together in a dance of 14 tracks while scary atmospheres and creepy vocals push the listener in a deep and dark world.