Geska Records: The other side compilation

Geska Records announces the release of their latest compilation: The Other Side. Inspired by the environmental photography’s of Kendall Anderson, they have gathered 12 artists from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec city.

“Each song on this compilation addresses the power of certain landscape features to evoke memories, emotions, and anthropomorphic physicality. Some of the works suggest the potential for experience, while others even encourage physical interaction. The Other Side questions the nature of experience and examines our perception of our Canadian heritage.
Inspired by our music, we bring forward the special equilibrium we have created with our environment.”

Tracklisting :

(01) Displacer / autumn chill
(02) Liar’s Rosebush / is it winter where you are?
(03) S:Cage / gone
(04) L’Ombre / Twenty-one.five
(05) PerfectionPlastic / No Input
(06) LCEDP / Canada Maltage co
(07) Prospero / Protection and Precaution
(08) Iszoloscope / Seasonal Identity Crisis Disco
(09) Scottfro / Darkness Where There Should Be Light
(10) Squale / L’effondrement / produced by Squale (aka Sagana B)
(11) Urusai / val d’or (janvier)
(12) Famine / konstantine raudive

> Suspension Track – for her light – by LommeLoir (featuring STENDECK)

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