Glacial Movement compilation

Glacial Movement Records is a new label devoted to the description of icy landscapes. The first release is a cd-r compilation called Cryosphere in a limited edition of 300 copies, with artists like Troum, Northaunt, Tho so aa and more.

Closing The Eternity: Pulse of Iceilence (07:56)
Northaunt: Crocker Land (06:10)
Tho so aa :Cryotesk (09:33)
Lightwave: Proxima Thule (08:57)
Tuu: Silent Writing (07:26)
Troum: Giascei (11:57)
Aidan Baker: Beneath the Ice (10:16)
Netherworld: Kryos (10:14)
Oophoi: Cold Sun (06:50)

Release Date : July 2006.