Gruntsplatter releases

The re-issue of Gruntsplatter‘s “Pest Maiden” is now available. This is a CD collection of the material from the “Pest Maiden” 7″ (lmt 250) and companion 60 minute cassette (lmt. 50) that was released on Troniks back in 1999. PacRec/Troniks has re-released the Grim, oppressive deathscapes together on one remasterd CD.
Furthermore Force of Nature Productions is slated to release “The Passions Of A Cripple” 12″ on blue vinyl (lim. 300) anytime now. The new Gruntsplatter full length CD “The Eulogists Assembly” is set to go to the pressing plant in early January, and be out in February on Eibon Records.