Hakan Lidbo on Shitkatapult

  • H?kan Lidbo -? Clockwise Rmxs
    label: Shitkatapult [strike46]
    out April 19, 2004

    “The life of Anne Frost and John Lane can definitely be described as a routine. Anne is hard working, lives in London, works in a restaurant, and has a thirteen-hour day. John Lane, also from London, is a bank employee and the typical nine-to-fiver. Breakfast hours are regulated strictly.”
    “This is the deeply sharp plot of “Clockwise,” the identical name from the piece on Hakan Lidbo’s Shitkatapult EP (strike 38/2003). That one swerved with a musical narration between pulp’n’bass and yap-phonics painted by undertones of toothpaste and edible sounds.”
    Now a remix cd / 12″ is out, with various deconstructions of this track and manipulations of the story of Anne and John.

    Track listing CD:
    01. clockwise (original)
    02. clockwise (si begg rmx)
    03. clockwise (hakan lidbo punkslut mx)
    04. clockwise (mathew dear rmx)
    05. clockwise (apparat)
    06. clockwise (hakan lidbo jetset mx)
    07. microsonic
    08. the fu-clan
    09. my first honest penny
    10. freeze lapd
    11. clockwise.mov

    Track listing 12″:
    A1. clockwise (original)
    A2. clockwise (si begg rmx)
    A3. clockwise (hakan lidbo punkslut mx)
    B1. clockwise (apparat)
    B2. clockwise (mathew dear rmx)