Hau Ruck: three upcoming releases

hauruck_april2006.jpg Hau Ruck! announces three albums to look out for in the coming weeks: finally a new cd by Tribe of Circle, a 7″ EP by Bain Wolfkind and the debut album of Graumahd.

HR!80 Tribe of Circle : Children of a Weakened God CD
“After a long silence, Tribe of Circle is finally back anger as never, with an emotional and powerful third album, more percussive and stronger than before with disturbing soundscapes, personal texts and mystical voices.” Among the collaborators is Simone Salvatori from Spiritual Front.

HR!78 – Graumahd – Cheru CD
“Finally the debut album of Graumahd:Wolf L., Georg O. and Jörg B. created an album with ten anthems of psychoactive folklore. Fiery sounds merge into mellow moods. Folkloristic acoustic guitar music partly inspired by the psychedelic sounds of the 60ies/70ies.”

HR!79 – Bain Wolfkind – Confidential Report 7”EP:
“A new strike by the master of doom cocktail lounge music. 4 songs about lust and alcohol.. and all the other dark little things in life.”