H.I.V.+ news

  • H.I.V.+ have made a new split album called “Empire of chaos”, together with D. Forma (Asphalt! member) on Kubernoise(FR.)
  • There is a new limited edition out of “Hypnoise movement & harsh ironworks” on Nein rec (USA), with bonus tracks and exclusive remixes by Ms Poly-Ester and Punish Yourself.
  • H.I.V.+ is also featured on the “Armageddon Tribute”, with unrealeased tracks by Salt, Mlada Fronta, Mimetic, Empusae, Lith, Satka, Celluloid Mata, Sulphuric Saliva & more, released by Divine Comedy Records
  • H.I.V.+ will participate in the Industrial Virus Tour with Lady Walkiria in December (Starting in Tijuana – Mexico and USA, Canada etc..)
  • The official H.I.V.+ site has been updated with new MP3 !!