Hive Records news

  • Censor’s debut album Empire Holds Down is at the factory now, and will be out by the end of March. This album floods the intricate pathways between drum-and-bass, industrial, powernoise, and hardcore with sonar pings and records the findings in audio format. There are still a few copies of the limited edition version of the album available.
  • Available for preorder now: very limited quantities of Pneumatic Detach’s two recent (and sold out)releases ‘Pareses Re:infected’ and the Pneumatic Detach + C2 split release ‘Pareses / cc:’ are now available for order on the Hive website.
  • New releases confirmed: May 1st will see the release of two new Hive Records releases: Tekniq’s much-anticipated ‘Shazbut!’ and a split release between Exclipsect and Kaebin Yield entitled ‘Symbiosis’, which will be packaged in a metal tin. Both albums are limited to just 200 copies only.