Human League remix 12″

I agree with the people behind Nukove Records that “Secrets”, the album which Human League made in 2001, is an excellent electropop record. And that it should have received more attention and success than it did. And that the irresistible single ‘All I ever wanted’ should have become a big hit. The album was released on Papillon Records, a division of Chrysalis Records. The fact that this sublabel ceased to exist shortly after the release of “Secrets” did the promotion not much good.

Nukove Records is not an ordinary record label. In fact, they have only one song to sell at the moment: “Love me madly”, a track from the aforementioned “Secrets” album. Nukove have made a 12″/mcd with 4 new remixes of this song. That this process was not very easy can be read on the nice-to-read History page on Nukove’s website. On this site you can download fragments of the remixes, as well as a video of a live performance of this song.