II. Neofolk Meeting

The second Neofolk Meeting takes place at Szeged, Hungary, on 5. October, 2002. At this festival we can take a look at the Central-East European scene, represented by 3 bands, and David Mellor from England also appears on the stage. David Mellor released 5 widely eclectic albums in solo, besides previously he played keyboards in the legendary English neofolk act Sol
Invictus. Cawatana from Bekescsaba, Hungary and Jolene from Timisoara, Romania represent the tradiotional darkfolk/neofolk, though their repertoire/style is quite different despite of the same genre. Kinovia from Jagodina, Yugoslavia plays “byzantine folk” using classical instruments (e.g. cello, flute, piano, etc.). More about the bands: http://negativeart.hu/neofolk/neofolk.html