In Death’s Throes on Art Konkret

Art Konkret label news:

  • ART 36 In Death’s Throes – Tactical Disorder

    format: CD/ 61 min.
    style: power electronics/death industrial
    artwork: jewel case/clear tray
    edition: 500 copies
    releasedate: 13.10.2003

    Numbing frequencies, uneasy drones, and low level pulsations with processed vocals. Dark rumbling death industrial tracks with droning and atmospheric sound layers mixed with samples andrhythms can also be found on this release. Promising cut-ups, gloomy rumbling droning soundwalls with echoing frequencies, give the songs a
    special character. The sound material creates an atmosphere between dark, hopeless soundwalls and aggressive noise assaults. The last track on the album is eclusively remixed by Richard Schneider of Schloss Tegal.