Invasion Wreck Chords: 3rd compilation

The third part of Invasion Wreck Chords’ breakcore compilation series "The Scariest Weapon" is coming out August 20.

Line-up of "The Scariest Weapon:3":
Bong-ra, Mimetic Fake, Society Cleaners, Hecate, Dr.butcher M.d., Eta Carina, Proyecto Mirage, Shorai, Lfo Demon, Zerogoki, E.stonji, Dj Rainbow Ejaculation, Megatone, Dj Balli, Guignol Dangereux, Maladroit, Dumb Mutant Stoker, Eric Millennium, Ambassador21 Vs. Noize Punishment.

A new track, Ambassador21 vs. Noize Punishment: "Breakcore Is Dead" is available now
for free download.