Invasion Wreck Chords releases

There are two new Invasion Wreck Chords’ releases
coming soon:

  • AMBASSADOR21 “I wanna kill” EP – December, 1st.
  • RASPUTIN “Das leberwurstbrot” – December, 5th.

  • Brandnew AMBASSADOR21′ EP “I WANNA KILL U.COM” including 4 angry digital punk/breakcore tracks totally not for intellectuals. As CD-version and as LP-version including
    some bonus remixes from FANNY, BEINHAUS, LAMENT CONFIGURATION and DJ J.CHRIST.

    RASPUTIN – a new name in the Invasion Wreck’ family and a very mysterious person. Phillip Muench (SYNAPSCAPE) has met RASPUTIN under enigmatic circumstance, and now Phillip produced his debut album entitled “DAS LEBERWURSTBROT”. Full-length album included remixes from ISZOLOSCOPE, ASCHE, HELL-G, CTRLer, PUNCH, INC., AMBASSADOR21.