Invercauld & Gustaf Hildebrand now out

Two new releases from the Canadian label Cyclic Law are now available:

  • Invercauld – “Tiamhaidh” CD (6th Cycle)
    New release from this American
    artist, Invercauld’s omnious soundscapes are inspired by the rain and fog ridden
    landscapes of his Gaelic ancestry. Limited to 500 copies in fold out textured
  • Gustaf Hildebrand – “Starscape” CD (7th Cycle)
    Known from his Lithium project and his collaboration with Karjalan Sissit and now working under his own name, Gustaf Hildebrand takes us through the sonic confines of space with his own vision of how space could aurally be experienced. First pressing of 500 copies in textured fold out sleeve.


  • Karjalan Sissit – Karjalasta Kajahtaa CD (8th Cycle) April ’04
  • Sophia “Deconstruction of the world” Enhanced CD (9th Cycle) May ’04
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