Jack or Jive lp

  • Jack or Jive – Life (White Rabbit Records)
    lp [WRR005]

    “The cover art was specially created by Chako to encapsulate the various themes of this album; contrasting the severity of its static graphic design with the dynamic qualities of the organic pattern contained within.

    The elaborate pattern of the design can be fully appreciated by unfolding the cover`s cardboard inlay, while the record itself possesses an intriguing texture of streaking marble-like jets emanating across its surface.

    The album offers two tracks: LIFE and WOMEN IN BLACK; both were composed in 1991, prior to the release of their premier album, PRAYER. These tracks were remixed in 2003, and are presented here, complete with their evocative atmosphere of intense emotion and resonating analog tone.

    As the Persian Gulf was revisited by the shadow of war in those particular years (1991 and 2003), the album`s creation may own some connection to those tragic events. Please note that 30% of every copy of this album sold will be contributed to the support of the impoverished and powerless peoples of the Gulf area. We know that more needs to be done to stop war than the buying of this album, but it`s a good start.”