Kinetix album

  • Kinetix – selected e_missions

    “SMALLVOICES proudly present the first official cd album of new italian project KINETIX. Since 1999, KINETIX is the new moniker of Gianluca Becuzzi (LIMBO), artist active since the first half of the 80?s.

    This CD includes material written during the first years of KINETIX artistic activity (2000/2002). It?s constituted by six tracks (identified by graphic signs) presented in totally unreleased versions. This work can be considered as KINETIX official debut; the start point to approach to the KINETIX aesthetic and artistic dimension.

    “Selected E_Missions” presents a collection of deep and wrapping digital soundscapes, dotted by micro-noisy granular material, resonant fields where time and space humble themselves in a single perceptive continuum.

    The tracks are the result of a perfect organization of sound. Contemporary, abstract, cold, minimal, dense, intense and evocative drone music.”