L. White Records: 3 new releases

L. White Records now offers the following new noisy releases:

  • LW V05 CON-DOM / THE GREY WOLVES video DVD lim. 500, PAL (DVD) and NTSC (DVDr)
  • The UK masters of cultural noise terrorism live at the Consumer Electronics 5 festival on April 10th 2004.

  • LW031 V.A. ALLIANCE – United in Death, CD lim. 500 / special package
  • new power electronics and noise compilation with DEATHPILE (USA), CONTROL (USA), AZOIKUM (D), LA COMUNIDAD (D), ATRAX MORGUE (IT) and HENTAI (DK).

  • LW V04 CONTROL / SEKTION B – Hate America, 3″ mini video DVDr (PAL and NTSC) lim. 150
  • 1 long track live power-noise collaboration at the Destruction Alpha festival on July 4st 2004 in Amsterdam/NL