Lapsed on Ad Noiseam

Forthcoming release on Ad Noiseam:

  • LAPSED – “Twilight” (adn34 CD)

    “It is in Salt Lake City, Utah, that Jason Stevens, the sole musician of Lapsed, patiently gave birth to “Twilight”, a new found confluent of sounds too often kept apart. Glitchy, precise and sharp in its beats, and yet thick in its tones. Qualified of “funktastic”, “Twilight” puts the groove back in the click, and Lapsed builds new territories made of beats and bits with insolent talent.

    Striving (and succeeding) and mix both beautiful soundscapes and challenging your ears, Lapsed writes poetic tracks but never falls into kitsch, moves forward and yet is far more than joyless experimentation. Fresh and soulful, two words that well describe this “Twilight”.

    Forthcoming releases:
    (oth to be released in early April)

  • WILT – “As giant watch over us” (adn35 CD)
  • HORCHATA – “Basidia” (adn36 CD)