Leaether Strip: another compilation

Cleopatra has released a new double cd anthology by dark electro legend Leaether Strip. Among the 30 tracks is a cover of Kraftwerk’s “Showroom Dummies” and 2 bonus tracks from Claus Larsen’s side-project Klute. This is at least the fourth Leaether Strip compilation that I know of.

Tracklist CD1: 1. Japanese Bodies (12″ Version) 2. Leather Strip Part II 3. Break My Back 4. Fit For Flogging 5. AntiUS 6. Nose Candy 7. Steal 8. Mortal Thoughts 9. Strap Me Down 10.Nothing Seen 11. Evil Speaks 12. Adrenaline Ruch 13. Turn To Stone 14. Don’t Tame Your Soul 15. Torture (A Suicide Note).

Tracklist CD2: 1. Down There With You 2. No Rest For The Wicked 3. You know Where To Put It 4. Lies To Tell 5. How Do I Know? 6. I Want You Hard 7. Make My Blood Boil 8. Hate Me! 9. Black Candle 10. Face The Fire 11. Tell Me What To Do! 12. Under My Control 13. Showroom Dummies 14. Desert Strom 15. I Wanna F**k Now!