Liars release new album

  • Liars – Were Wrong So We Drowned
    Date of release: February 24 2004 (Mute Records).

    This is the follow up to “They Threw Us in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top”, which was a ‘literate and deranged acceleration of post-punk groove, avant noise, bizarre pop sensibilities and an enduring love for the minimal funk of ESG’.

    The new album explores themes of witchcraft, folklore, mayhem and paranoia, exemplified by the songs ‘Broken Witch’, ‘They Don?t Want Your Corn, They Want Your Kids’, ‘Hold Hands and it Will Happen Anyway’ and ‘There?s Always Room on the Broom’. This last song will be released as a single on 9th February 2004.

    From their bio: “The last band to so expertly execute the cocktail of menace and artful, brilliant chaos that Liars achieve for their second album, They Were Wrong, So We Drowned, were fellow New Yorkers Sonic Youth, when they cut their epochal Bad Moon Rising album.”

    Brooklyn based, Liars are Melbourne born Angus Andrew (vocals & pedals), Aaron Hemphill from LA (guitar & drum machine) and Nebraskians Pat Nature (bass & synthbox) and drummer Ron Albertson.