Liles re-organized

A few months ago Andrew Liles collaborated with Tony Wakeford as The Wardrobe on the album Cups in Cupboard. In the past this soundsculptor based in Brighton also worked with the likes of Karl Blake, Danielle Dax and David Tibet. This month there is an album called “In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions” out on Fourth Dimension Records.

It features various artists remixing, re-ordering, adding and subtracting the recordings of Andrew Liles. Involved are Nurse With Wound, Colin Potter, Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear), John Coleclaugh, Ruse, Band Of Pain, Bass Communion, Auto Manipulator, Irr. APP (Ext), Darren Tate, The Hafler Trio, Unsong, Vidna Obmana and Freiband. A full tracklisting can be found here.