Loki news

  • The subject of the second part of Germania Occulta series, that started with the “Saturn Gnosis” in 2000 is the German occultist Peryt Shou. Turbund Sturmwerk and Inade present ethereal monumental tunes on this split release. The edition comes in a especially produced deluxe boxset with a 24-pages booklet in 10″ size and a 12″ vinyl in two different colours.
  • After two CD releases Herbst9 provides 30 minutes of new material for the first time on vinyl. “Consolamentum” follows the path of their previous releases and opens an immense space of dark and monumental sound layers with ancient choirs that are permeated by powerful percussive elements and rhythms. Limited edition of 750 copies and gatefold cover.
  • announced for 2003:
    Predominance – Hindenburg (expanded edition) CD
    Inade – The Colliding Dimensions live double LP