Lowlands Industrialism LP

Interested in the state of the industrial scene in the Low Countries? On the compilation “Lowlands industrialism” one Belgian and seven Dutch industrial / experimental projects join forces. Each project contributed one track to make up a vinyl album filled with harsh industrial music.

Side A

  • S.A.R.S. – The mindkiller
  • The peoples republic of europe – Pax europiana
  • Isniezot – ritual
  • Spermblaster – Sacrifice

    Side B

  • Doow – Bifurcate
  • H.E.R.A.S. – Cromaclear
  • Condomium – 3434 (3+(4X3)X3(-11)X101=3434 rmx)
  • – The great awakening is asleep

    The lp comes in a special sleeve and is limited to 300 copies. It can be ordered from New Darkness Recordings and all participating artists.

    18-10 update:
    This record can now also be ordered through Funprox Sales