Mad E.P. and Curtis Chip

Out now on Ad Noiseam are the new albums by Mad E.P. and Curtis Chip.

MAD E.P. – Eating Movies – CD – adn44
Mad E.P.’s “Eating Movies” is Mad E.P.’s first full length album, following the incredibly well received “When I’m 6″ 12” and his numerous concerts. A very solid, coherent and well written album which mixes electronica with hard beats, hip hop with broken rhythms, ambient passages with very heavy ones, “Eating movies” is an album of uncommon depth and talent, which Ad Noiseam is very proud to release. Mad E.P. is here to stay. This has been said before and will be said again.

CURTIS CHIP – Eating Paste – CD – adn38
Curtis Chip’s “Eating Paste” is the long awaited first appearance of Curtis Chip on digital media. An enriched, extended version of the 12″ of the same name on Zod Records, this CD features brand new material by Curtis Chip, as well as remixes by Tarmvred, Larvae, Enduser, Xanopticon, Ove Naxx, Eight Frozen Modules and BinRay. Combining crazy 8bit melodies, complex rhythms, hard beats and harder breaks, Curtis Chip is here to prove that it is not by chance that he is regarded as one of the most interesting composer of hard-edged electronic music of today. Remastered, remixed, extended: complex rhythms, catchy melodies and fresh structures are ready for a new audience.