Malochia split

After 10 years of passionately working for their ideals, the Amsterdam-based Malochia has split up. Changed opinions and expectations of managing the band drove some members apart until the moment where direction-defining opinions differ too much to keep working in a satisfactory manner. Malochia has split up, but the individual members continue to contribute to the gothic-scene.

Antoinette will still be musically active, though she will focus her energy towards designing and producing exclusive latex- and gothic-erotic clothing with her new company Funny Skin by Antoinette.

Niels continues as a singer in the cyber gothic-metal band “Drionide”, which started two years ago (they will play at the next TG-festival in Vlissingen; you can find more info about Drionide on their website: ). He also continues his solo-project “Fase Four”. Patrick will put his efforts in the dark-elektroband “Contrast” (more info you’ll find on Another project (“Elyza”) is in development.

RenĂ© has almost completed the recordings for his dark-wave project “Dissident Copies” (