Maschinenfest ’03

The renowned industrial festival Maschinenfest has found a new location, after they had to leave the bunker in Aachen. The edition of October 2003 will take place in Schlo? Leerodt in Geilenkirchen.

Confirmed acts are Converter, Klangstabil, Asche, Morgenstern, Mono No Aware, Synapscape, Pow[d]er Pussy, Ah cama-Sotz, Iszoloscope, Antigen Shift, Needle Sharing, Telerotor, Shorai, Sonar, CellAutoMata, 5F55, Axiome, LawRah Collective, Punch Inc. and Panacea.

More bands will be added. The festival takes place from 3-5 October, the pre-sale starts at August 20.

On Saturday September 27th 2003 the official 100% industrial Pre-Maschinenfest party will take place in Bazart, The Hague (NL).
DJ’s: Dr. Blood (Ah Cama-Sotz), Asche, Frank (DE), N.I.M., Ms.Poly-Ester
Special Live Act by: Asche & Nullvektor (Mono No Aware / Pzychobitch)
more info @ 100% Industrial.