Meat Beat Manifesto releases new cd/dvd

promotional blurb:

“Meat Beat Manifesto continues to break new ground with their latest project, …INDUB. MBM mastermind Jack Dangers prolongs his run as one of electronic music?s most progressive and innovative artists by taking his latest body of work and reinterpreting it in an exciting new way.

Having already achieved status as one of the most influential electronic artists of their time, Meat Beat Manifesto pushes the bar even higher with …IN DUB. Built upon the basic structure of last year?s R.U.O.K. (so on Run Recordings) …IN DUB takes the music to an entirely different and sublime place with forays into the world of Jamacian Dub and Jungle, as well some familiar sonic directions you?ve come to expect from this legend. Four completely fresh tracks are also here along with new alternate versions for a full dose of shattering electro-dub.

Adding another dimension to the musical experience is the 5.1 Surround Sound DVD version of the album, being released on the same day. On …IN DUB 5.1 SURROUND, what started as a 5.1 remix of last years R.U.O.K. has completely morphed into an all new album conceived for 5.1 technology. Jack recruited acclaimed video director Ben Stokes (DJ Shadow, Public Enemy, De La Soul, The Orb) to visually interpret the album, and the results are astonishing. Jack Dangers controls the joystick on six channels of sound to juggle, pitch, and place against the visual backdrop of Stokes?s original motion graphics. Their combined talents create a dramatic sensory experience that home theaters were created for.

Both the CD and 5.1 Surround Sound DVD versions of …IN DUB will be in stores January 27th, 2004.”