Mini-assemblage series

The Locus of Assemblage presents:
A series of 3″ cd-rs all limited to 200 copies each title and packaged in the highest quality packaging and design and issued in vinyl sleeves.

mass02 THE INFANT CYCLE ? Ephedrin Bird Samba
mass03 i:WOUND ? The Patricide e.p.
mass04 ORIGAMI SUBTROPIKA ? Ultimatum
mass05 DARUIN ? Fake Professor of Japanese Pipe
mass06 ALEXEI BORISOV & JEFF SURAK – Ulitsa Novatorov
mass07 YITUEY – Sonadores
mass08 EARZUMBA – Playback Emotivo
mass09 ELLENDE – Natto
mass10 AIDAN BAKER – Blauserk
mass11 PAUL BRADLEY – Immure
mass12 VION & MEM – Onset
mass14 SHIFTS – Vertonen