More Tonal Destruction on DTA Records

Out now on DTA Records:

  • V/A – Tonal Destruction II

    DTA brings the second installment of the its Tonal Destruction series to a new level. More music and a highly professional package conspire to make this album the most aggressive and elegant DTA release to date.

    3 CDs, 41 Tracks, 8 Panel Full Color Digipa, Pocketed Insert

    Tonal Destruction Vol.2 includes exclusive tracks from:
    Pneumatic Detach, Cdatakill, Exclipsect, Proyecto Mirage, Hypnoskull, Mlada Fronta, Defragmentation, Cell Auto Mata, Dither, NTT, Wilt, Cordell Klier, and others.

    Disc 1 is packed with aggressive rhythmic noise material with straight up beat crunching from the likes of Hypnoskull and Exclipsect to the more break beat styles of Scrapd[dx] and CDatakill.

    Disc 2 is an experience in dark ambient music ranging from droning darkness presented by Chaos As Shelter and Metanemfrost to the dark electronic rhythms of Cell Auto Mata and LAN Formatique.

    Disc 3 delves into the realm of experimental electronics with harsh power electronics from NTT giving way to blip and glitch material from Cordell Klier.