Mystery Sea 11: Coelacanth

Out since December 23, 2003 on Mystery Sea:

  • Coelacanth – Mud Wall
    cd-r ltd and numbered to 100 copies
    sleeve design and artwork by chalkdc

    “Coelacanth is the name of a mysterious fish, a 400 million old “living fossil” which mostly congregates in submarine caves. A rather appropriate term for the exploratory, soundart collaboration between Loren Chasse & Jim Haynes.

    Concerned with the terrain of transient, ever morphing drones, Coelacanth reflects a deep, natural organic beauty through textural audio-processes acting as metaphors for various abrasion phenomena.

    On “Mud Wall” we can hear and perceive an ancient streaming grooving a cluster of thin chalk lines on a weathered cliff, traces of an improbable lost language the voice of a giant eroded stone eclipsed murmurs in amber cells manifold mineral alchemies mirrored in all the tiny fragments…

    This is the hum of a sea within. A primordial flux spreading through all our veins. A resonating matrix of intimate and revealing proportion…

    “Mud Wall” absorbs you into its own breath…”

    1. Mud Wall

    length: 41:12