Navicon Torture Technologies strikes again

Previously released in an intimately limited edition CDR, Immanence Records are now proud to announce the CD re-release of Navicon Torture Technologies’ DRIPPING WITH THE POWER OF HER FLESH.

“A seminal work of unbridled brutality and passion, ::DWTPOHF:: picks up the tattered remains of emotion left by NTT’s previous opus, The Church of Dead Girls, and forges them into an embittered concretion of the darkest byways of the heart, mind and soul. […] At the core of the album, as with any NTT release, lie the broken, anguished cerebrations of sole-producer, Leech – 100% Power Romance.”

This new CD release also features the track I WANT TO WORSHIP AT YOURALTAR, which was included on a bonus 3″ with only 10 copies of the original, and a new, exclusive remix from Detritus that brings grinding experimentalism one step closer to the clubs. Digipack artwork comes courtesy of French designer Hiero and American photographer, Paula Kaiser.

Sound samples available at: