Neuropa Records: three new releases

New releases on Neuropa Records on June 6:

  • NRP07 Levoi Pravoi ‘March In September’ 12″
  • 300x black vinyl ~ 33x grey vinyl. Levoi Pravoi is a rather new Russian/American-based project managed by Nikolay Saveliev who mixes both martial and poppy elements in his music.

  • NRP09 Un D?fi D’Honneur ‘Le Mort-Homme’ 12″
  • 444x black vinyl ~ 55x red vinyl. Peter of A Challenge Of Honour returns to the scene with a second album released under his French alias of Un D?fi D’Honneur.

  • NRP04X Westwind ‘Le Vent Divin’ collector’s edition
  • 33x white vinyl. Boxset containing the ‘Le Vent Divin’ lp on white vinyl, a cd-extra with remixes, bonus-tracks and a video-clip & a grey t-shirt housed in a red handmade cloth-bag.