New Ad Noiseam offerings

Released this week on Ad Noiseam are:

  • Andrey Kiritchenko “Kniga Skazok” CD:
    The driving force behind most of today’s electronic music from Ukraine. Andrey Kiritchenko presents here his first work under his own name. On the foundation of a modern and abstract genre, Andrey Kiritchenko paints beautiful and naive
    stories perfectly fitting his clicks and tones.
  • Uniform “Not a word” CD:
    Following his critically acclaimed “Irony is” album on Mute Records, the musician behind 2nd Gen presents here his new project, Uniform, with the first album of this mysterious act. Made of echoed beats, of short outbursts of noise, of
    ghostly voices and extremely detailed background, this album delivers through his 16 tracks a complex assemblage of feeling and atmospheres, a deep vault of carefully arranged effects and powerful sounds.
  • Tarmvred and Iszoloscope “do America” CD ep:
    Released from the recent USA tour during which these two bands hammered the USA with their heavy crunchy beats and relentless melodies, “Do America” is just two foreigners playing ping pong at 250 BPM. Contains one new track by
    each band and a collaboration track.
  • Coming next on Ad Noiseam:
    – Detritus “Endogenous” CD
    – Larvae “Monster Music” CD ep