New Aidan Baker + Gulag releases on Mechanoise Labs

  • Aidan Baker – Dreammares [mn017] CD-R (April 2003)

    Canadian artist Aidan Baker has released multiple works with labels such as Fleshmadeword, Mystery Sea Records, Public Eyesore and DTA, and “Dreammares” is a further step into a world of warm rumbling drones, processed and unrecognizable guitar textures and echoes of lost voices.
    Harvesting humming tones from blurry dreams, this release showcases Baker’s skills at crafting atmospheres from a limited amount of well-selected sources.

  • Gulag – The Great Leap Forward [mn020] 3″ CD-R (May 2003)

    Moving into the People’s Republic of China for this second release, Gulag carves out hymns from the Middle Empire’s current political incarnation, making sure that the Chairman keeps a smile on his bloody face.

  • Other upcoming releases include the split CD-R from russian electric noisemongers Rupor Udara and Kryptogen Rundfunk, and the possibly final Aluminum Noise release, which will prove worthy for those seeking challenging yet unusually catchy cacophony.

    Mp3’s of the new releases have been uploaded to the Mechanoise Labs website.