New Alphaville 4cd box

One of the pioneers of German electronical pop Alphaville are about to release the strictly limited 4cd-box “Crazyshow (Dreamscapes 9-12)”. This box-set is part two of the Dreamscapes-series. It contains a lot of rare and unreleased material as well as brand new songs, including collaborations with Klaus Schulze on “Crazyshow” and “The Opium Den”. Besides their own compositions, “Crazyshow” also contains some inspiring cover versions, i.e. Roxy Musics “Do The Strand” and George Harrisons “Something”.

The 4CD Box is in velvet and gold rather noble produced and comes with a detailed booklet. “Crazyshow” is a web-only release and can only be purchased through the official website (Europe) and (USA and Canada).