new Ataraxia album

Ataraxia – Mon Seul D├ęsir

Jarem Gitti
Sendero En Lago Verde
A L’Aube
Mundus Est Jocundum

A new album filled with atmospheric passionated songs, among them a revisited Turkish mediaeval love song, an enveloping classic guitar solo, a water-drop dreamy tune, a luscious ballad and a typically ATARAXIA piano poem. The imagery and inspirations (concept, cover and booklet layout) comes from the cycle of tapestries “La Dame ? la Licorne” and the ‘The Canticle of Canticles’. This release features as usual Francesca’ s voice , Vittorio’ s classic guitars and chitarra battente, Giovanni’s piano and keyboards and Francesco’s percussions together with a pair of great vocal duets among Francesca and Francesco in the oriental song and Mundus new version.

Release date: February 14th, 2002