new boxset by Gary Numan

As a thank you to his fans, Gary Numan has created a limited edition, numbered box set “Mutate.” “Mutate” is 2 cd audio set of “Hybrid,” combined with a limited dvd, which is not available in any other configuration. 4.000 copies are available for the US market.

The dvd features previously unavailable live clips of “Crazier,” and “A Prayer for the Unborn,” and the promotional videos of “Crazier,” ” RIP,” “Dominion Day. The dvd also has special high resolution mixes of “Crazier” (Numan vs. Rico) “All I know (Ancients Alternative Mix) “RIP,” “Are Friends Electric?” (Metalmorphosis Mix) and others.

Numan’s new double album “Hybrid” features three new songs, “Hybrid,” “Crazier” and “Ancients” and re-recorded tracks from across his career, recorded between September and December 2002. Various well-known artists, producers and dj’s collaborated with Numan on this release.