new Dark Vinyl releases

# BLACKHOUSE hope like a candle lim. LP
Repressing of their cult rhythmic industrial album from 1984 , lim edition of 399 copies, pressed on HEAVY vinyl (220 g).

# PHD2 resource CD
file under: deep cinematic ambient
The new album by PHD2 offers six new dark ambient tracks for your nocturnal listening pleasure. Distant, floating soundcollages weave in and out over a subharmonic, pulsating bassdrum as your vibrating woofer reminds you of Lustmord’s deepest relases.

# MELEK-THA gloriam demandi CD
file under: occult black industrial
The apocalyptic war machine is back with more symphonic & occult death music, more memorable destructive rythms and entangled mentally insane orchestrations. MELEK-THA stands for extremely monumental, orchestral and bombastic Black Industrial, added by symphonic chants.

# ARCHON SATANI in shelter CD
file under: ritual / dark ambient
limited re-pressing. ARCHON SATANI brings you 5 dark ambient structured tracks,with sometimes bleak and evil monotonous sounds.
label: P A R A G O R I C

ROZZ WILLIAMS & GITANE DEMONE dream home heartache LP
re-release mit 1 Bonustrack, lim edition of 399 copies , heavy vinyl (220g).

label : M E M E N T O M O R I

AKRABU anunnakian invocations CD
ancient FOLK with archaic & ritual elements