new David E. Williams album

  • David E. Williams – Hope Springs a Turtle (Old Europa Cafe)

    It’s his first full-length album in eight years.
    “Your favorite singer-songwriter unveils his most dynamic
    and challenging musical arrangements to date in a dark
    feast of arty pop, neoclassical minimalism and avant-garde
    electronics. 15 songs of the hostile Schadenfreude that made him a household name!”

    A Man Needs a Man Friend
    The Ballad of Bob Crane
    The Curious Pediatrician
    Game Warden
    Teddy Bear Laser Speculum
    First Time Offender (Prequel to Altar Boy)
    Seizure Dream Believer
    The Girl from the D?n D
    The Need for Less Sex in the World
    Grey Balloon Masquerading
    Stalag 69
    The Unbearably Important Lightness of Being Earnest
    Carmina Melanoma
    Improvisation on a Very Sad Theme