new Delerium album: Chimera

The new Delerium album, entitled “Chimera”, will be available from June 24th. It contains 13 tracks and features many guest vocalists, including Julee Cruise (who you may remember from the Twin peaks soundtrack). Also present are Leigh Nash (who sang on ?Innocente? from the ?Poem? album) and Zoe Johnston, who previously worked with Dido and Faithless, as well as Kristy Thirsk, responsible in the past for vocals on hits like ‘Flowers become Screens’ and ‘Incantation’.

‘Chimera’ marks a reunion of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fuller after a brief separation following the “Karma” album. As a result Leeb recorded 2000?s “Poem” on his own, while Fuller established the Conjure One project.
Leeb about the album: ?I want it to be a bit of a journey, not just one style. It?s more of a record of a mystical journey that provokes your moods inside and your thoughts about your day and about life; things that aren?t driven by trends or time.?

The song ‘After All’ is released as a single, it’s a typical Delerium track, atmospheric and accessible, with commercial potential. You can download the song for free from the link below!