new Estampie album

In April the new album by Estampie will be released, entitled “Signum (Zeit und Verg?nglichkeit im Mittelalter)”. This will be the eight album of the medieval/classical project around Michael Popp (Qntal, ex-Deine Lakaien) and Syrah (also with Qntal). At the moment it is not clear yet which label will release the album. Nevertheless the album can already be reserved and some samples can be heard at the Estampie website. In February/the band will do some concerts in Germany.

Signum tracklist:
1) Al jorn – Alonso
2) A voi gente
3) Trotto
4) Audite
5) Alle Psallite
6) Razon
7) Owe war sint verswunden
8) Sine nomine
9) Al jorn – Carceres
10) Non e gran cousa
11) Cry de la mort
12) Quen na virgen
13) Estampie VIII
14) Non devemos
15) Bona condit
16) Al jorn – Triana