new In my Rosary out this month

The new In my Rosary album “Your World Is A Flower” will be released a little bit sooner than originally planned. Its streetdate will be the 27th of February.
01. Untouched
02. There’s No Light (In Cocktail Bars)
03. Dark-Eyed Raven
04. Delight
05. Sick Of You
06. Blown Away
07. The Medusa Touch
08. Always Blue
09. Interlude
10. Embraced In Sleep
11. Way Into Your Heart
12. Moonsong
13. On A Fence
14. Short Dance
15. Pay For This
16. Fatal Moon
17. Love In A Cup

More news:
After the Argentine Label “Twilight Records” has re-released “Under The Mask Of Stone” in December 2003, the band has been asked by a label from Switzerland to release the two mini-albums “Those Silent Years” and “Strange E.P.” as a fulltime-CD (temporary title: “Greetings From The Past”). It also will contain some previously unreleased bonus tracks and shall be out in a few months.