New Joys of Nature

The Joy of Nature from Portugal has dropped the “and Discipline” from its name. That’s not the only news: they have a new website and a reissue of their album “The Fog That Life Is Haunted By” by the Polish label Bunkier Productions, with two extra tracks and new artwork.

In total there are thirteen tracks, over 40 min of music. Available in a limited, hand numbered edition to 213 copies. The music of The Joy of Nature draws inspiration from folk, medieval and experimental music. On their site two mp3’s of nice atmospheric instrumental tracks can be enjoyed.

Also of interest is their multimedia side-project Post Crash High, which released the album “The apocalypse came yesterday and no one noticed” last year. “Instrumentation used includes guitars, bass, keyboards, violins, percussion, bells, and some samples. Some sounds were heavily treated. Although its sound is unique, some references can be pointed out, like Coil or Current 93.”