new Kirlian Camera album

Out now:

  • Kirlian Camera – Invisble Front 2005[Trisol Records]

    Standard official version including 11 brandnew tracks and 24-page colour booklet. All songs performed, arranged and produced by Angelo Bergamini and Elena Alice Fossi, with a help from guests Jarboe (ex-singer of Swans) and Lloyd James (Naevus). A limited de-luxe edition with the additional 1-track-MCD “Days To Come”, mini poster and sticker is also available.

    A tragic odyssey of 11 incredible songs permeated by a sense of loss…


  • Amélie

    One of the nicest movies of last year: ‘Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain‘.

    Now listening to the lovely soundtrack by Yann Tiersen, still a quarantee for a good mood!