new Malignant releases

Various interesting releases have been issued by the American Malignant label and related sublabels recently:

  • Muskel – Seven Days of Pain CD (Infect05)
    Every now and then you need a good old fashioned noise record to cleanse the system. Not one of the tired, garden Japanese variety, but rather a delerious racket delivered with precision and control and with the iron willed determination of a Swedish maniac.
  • Navicon Torture Technologies ? Church of Dead Girls 2CD (TumorCD18)
    This is the ultimate expression of Power Romance sensibilities, spanning more than two hours of sonic self-evisceration. Packaged in a unique hi-rise digipak
  • Militia ? Eco-Anarchic Manifesto Book/CD (TumorCD19)
    A guide book to the world of anarchism linked to the ecological vision and opinions of Militia, with a live companian CD of ?The Black Flag Hoisted? recorded at the 2000 Deadly Actions Festival.